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Memberships and Packages

We love providing therapeutic massage services to our clients.  Many call just when they feel the need to treat themselves.  Other clients set up a regular schedule based on their lifestyle, activties, or general wellness.  For those clients with more regular needs, we have established several packages.  Review these to see if any of them fit your needs.  If not, call us and let's work to see what we can come up with!

Beach Club

You're working hard on your general wellness.  It's an on-going process with you and you want to reduce your stress levels and keep them down.  This package provides you with a regular weekly appointment for a 30-minute massage and a longer, 60-minute hot stone massage once per month.


One, three, and six month memberships that includes:

  • 1 30-minute massage weekly
  • 1 60-minute hot stone massage every fourth week

Cost:  1 month - $150; 3 month - $425; 6 month - $800


Busy Executive

You're constantly on-the-go with no real time to just drop everything.  But you realize that stress is your constant companion and you'd like to do away with him.  This package includes a weekly 15-minute Chair Massage and a pre-set appointment so that you're in and out!

Two, three, and four month memberships that includes:

  • 1 15-minute Chair massage weekly
  • 1 15-minute "wildcard" Chair massage monthly that you can use any time

Cost:  2 month - $120; 3 month - $175; 4 month; $225


Seasonal Athlete

You've got a special activity season that takes a toll on your body.  It might be football, basketball, or golf.  Or you might need to be in top physical condition to work on the farm during planting or harvesting season.  These very physical demands on your body over an extended period of time can be countered with this package involving one 30-minute and one 90-minute massage weekly.

Three month membership that includes:

  • 1 30-minute massage weekly
  • 1 90-minute massage weekly

Cost:  $1,000



You spend four hours crouching in the woods waiting for the perfect deer.  Or you're tromping through snow-covered fields and through ditches chasing the call of the pheasant.  And in the summer, you're sitting in the most uncomfortable position in your brother's boat as you fish for three hours.  Whether your outdoor sport calls for heavy activity or sitting still, your legs, back, and neck need help. 

Two month membership that includes:

  • 2 30-minute massage weekly
  • 1 60-minute "wildcard" hot stone massage each month

Cost:  $500